The idea behind the game

Within the game the economic development of a fictive world with countries and regions is simulated. Each player represents the government of one country, containing several regions. Governments can decide on the tax rate in their country and several governmental expenditures, such as universities, public research, innovation support, start-up support and so on. With these decisions they try to influence the economic development in their country positively. Several rankings allow for comparing the developments of the countries at each time.

The simulation model is based on empirical work on Germany. The relationships between the variables of the model and their dynamics are empirically estimated, using the time period 1999-2009 in Germany. Relationships between neighbouring regions are also included in the model. The model is based on the employment numbers, firm numbers and innovations (measured by patent numbers) in each region and industry. Thus, the simulation model works on the meso level and has to ignore a number of details. It is not an exact representation of reality. Especially it focuses on the economic development with specific consideration of innovation activity. Social aspects are completely ignored. However, with respect to the variables that are considered the model behaves similar to the real world.

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